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Dear Neighbour

Setting up house in a new town is an exciting time for Amy Holt and her boyfriend Zane, until she meets the neighbours. A likable elderly couple who quickly invite Amy into their home and their lives. Lives that are veiled in mystery and deception matched only by the dark secret Amy keeps.
When the two households collide, it’s murder.


'When a young woman moves in with her boyfriend things look pretty good - for a while. But they have a dark secret, and when a third person joins them as more or less a permanent fixture, things begin to unravel.

If you like reading a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat - this is the one. Beautifully crafted - a bit scary in places - but worth every word.' Bookman

'Not only a gripping thriller but also a sensitive portrayal of the conflicting emotions in an abusive relationship. Well worth reading.' Rhianon Washington

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