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Savage Bay Nightmare

When Lucy Hush's brother is framed for murder, the race is on to find the real culprit.


'Lucy Hush and her brother Tim were close. They’d lost their parents at a young age and Lucy took over her brother’s care. Tim was a wanderer who loved his dog Angus and preferred solitude to crowds. He was innocent and naïve in many ways, loved his sister and respected and admired her boyfriend, PI Damon. But it was when he was befriended by Faith while camping on the beach at Savage Bay that Tim’s nightmare began.

With Tim accused of murder, Lucy knew immediately she needed to find the real killer before Tim spent the rest of his life in prison. The evidence was clear – the police had arrested Tim with no thought of looking elsewhere. So it was up to Lucy and Damon. But would they find the evidence they needed? With Lucy in Savage Bay and Damon in Queensland, Lucy knew it was up to her. But the danger she was heading for – but didn’t realise it – was real. What would be the outcome for Lucy and her brother Tim?

Savage Bay Nightmare is the 3rd in the Lucy Hush series by Aussie author Anna Willett and I couldn't put it down! Lucy is an investigative reporter, prone to putting herself in danger. She’s a strong, determined young woman, loyal and kind, always up for finding the answers. Twists and turns mix with malevolence and fear in this gritty crime thriller which I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend.' Brenda Telford

'This is a well-crafted story with tension building throughout. Lucy and her lover, Damon, try to exonerate Lucy's brother, who is accused of murder. The evidence is pretty damning but the more Lucy and Damon dig, the more the case looks like an elaborate setup that parallels the case when the dead lady's husbands last wife was murdered. It is a very intricate story with many twists and lots of peaks of terror. Anna Willett is a master at creating horror and tension. There are a few issues at the end, including a personal twist for Lucy and Damon that seems unnecessary and sudden. There are also often instances where the characters have information that is not shared with the reader, which I find frustrating and which prevents the reader from having any chance of solving the puzzle before the end. Nevertheless, the book is a true page turner and will keep you on the edge of your seat. Don’t make any plans once you start this book; you will not want to put it down.' Kevin G. chapman

'Excellent book and very easy to read. A young women in trying to help her brother and clear him of charges that he murdered a women. She puts her life in danger everywhere she turns
A very good thriller.' Helen Hamilton

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