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A serial killer operating in plain sight has gone unnoticed for years.

When a home renovation uncovers disturbing video footage, Senior Sergeant Veronika Pope and her team at the Special Crime Squad are called in. Four victims, male and female, hooded, bound, abused and held captive. With little to go on save a blurry image of one victim's face, Veronika Pope is tasked with determining if the tape is real or a hoax.
Veronika and her team soon realise that the video is not a hoax but the work of a methodical killer whose trail of victims stretches back over decades.
Thomas Malicourt, family man and business owner, an average guy living in suburbia. A private person, something of an enigma to his employees. Only when Veronika digs into his life and his past, she discovers Malicourt was so much more. A secretive predator, intelligent and brutal, a man who knew how to get away with murder.

DSS Pope also uncovers that the Malicourt had an accomplice.


Questions produce leads. Leads form an investigation, pulling you down a path of personal, psychological and diabolical secrets, lies and atrocities that, in their ripple effect, happen to leave just the kind of clues that our detective will need to follow to solve her case.

Right away The Family Man had me hooked and intrigued. I love when a police procedural can do this. I find most often they can be dry and stagnate but not with this one.
This one has Criminal Minds vibes and I absolutely loved that about it as that's one of my favorite shows. Definitely recommend for crime fiction fans.

Holy guacamole! I went into this book blind and oh boy, it was a wild one! It was my first time reading this author's book and she can really write a heart-pounding, suspenseful novel! It was unputdownable and I had to keep turning the pages!

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